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Almost Like New-Used

Persimmons DryingPersimmons Drying

I finally got around to fixing the broken finder in my camera after about a year of not being able to see what I am shooting. I wanted to make sure I had a usable camera for when the baby arrives. The finder was broken when I bought the D70 off Yahoo Auctions. Sometimes I could see a blurry image, usually I couldn't. If I shook the camera, the problem would resolve itself sometimes if I shake the camera, but shaking it so much was making my elbows sore. Unfortunately, not much to do other than rate the seller really low.

Luckily I had another D70 laying around (the reason I bought a new used one off Yahoo last year). I had been reluctant to try to fix the new-used one, because I didn't want to completely break it, but I finally got up the nerve, and resolved that if I completely break it, I will just buy yet another one, and the baby is the perfect excuse.

The repairs, though taking a loooong time, went quite well. I successfully transplanted the finder from my old camera with the one from my new-used camera. There were no screws left over, but now there is a mysterious rouge spring rolling around in the finder. While its kinda annoying, it is much better than the past year, and because it is SLR, it doesn't effect the photo, of course.

Since I did have some extra tiny screws left from the old camera, I used them to fix my broken macro adapter, from which several screws has somehow wriggled themselves loose and gotten lost over the years.

These photos are just some of our drying kaki (persimmons) that I took to test my handiwork.

Persimmons Drying


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