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Another Day Closer

DSC_0658 copy

Another day closer. Tomoe's new-found motherly instinct powers say it will be within the next week (or two). In the mean time, I have been out partying in the mountains with another newcomer to our village who now lives in the mountains, but is reluctant to go walking in the mountains alone. To get him up to speed I invited him to head out into the lower mountains near our house with a compass and a map. I tried to go where there were no trails, but wouldn't you know it, not only were there trails, but there were also dirt roads not marked on the map. It was still fun and great to get out, but I realized that nest time I have to take him someplace even deeper - with snow. Deep deep snow.

Tomoe is still confined to the rolling office chair. The neighbors have been worried about not seeing her outside, so they forced their way in to have some persimmons by the fire.

DSC_0723 copyDSC_0709 copy

Still, she does get up sometimes, like to make make natural yeast from some of the "less-edible" persimmons we have laying around. That is what is in the orange jar which has had a prominent place next to the fire for some time now.

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