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Belated Christmas Greetings to Family

Belated holiday greetings To Mom, Dad, Shannon, Tim, Toby, Molly, Kelly, Young-hoon, Oscar, and Irene. (note to mom: Click on the big green button in the middle to play the video.)

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Wow! That's pretty cool.I'll have to show them in the morning. And I'm glad you used mom's head as the 5th person. Thanks!

ha ha ha ....very funny. I will make a card for the in-laws in Kamakura.

btw, do you know of a tour-guide company who operates in Hokkaido? I am looking to find a package deal for Hokkaido in the landendar season. (Not sure when that is.)

Happy holidays!

This is super. We love it. I laugh everytime I watch it.

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