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Retired Life Update

The neighborsOur Daughter's Future Friends and Neighbors

I have been enjoying paternity leave by spending my days cuddling with Tomoe in the mornings (who can't move much now as the baby is trying to come out two weeks too early) until 9:30 or 10:00, or sometimes 10:30. Followed by getting the house ready for winter. Hanging the cabbages so the mice don't get at them, cutting pine leaves from the forest to cover our stored daikon radishes, and doing lots of carpentry stuff that i would have thought as a waste of time if I was not "on leave".

Global climate change is helpful if we look at it in the short term - it give me more time to sleep in and still get prepared for the snow. Still, I would love to have a healthy amount of snow by now and feel less guilty about spending more time cuddling with Tomoe in the morning. When there is no snow, we feel like we should be working outside. Especially since the sun goes down at 4pm these days. If we get up at 10:00, have breakfast and check email, I have two hours before lunch. The after lunch nap takes at least 40 minutes, and then I only have an hour or so left to work outside!

Life is stressful here in our little house on the Japanese prairie!

The photos are: 1,2) Our neighbors - The oldest lady lives across the street. The second oldest lady, and the young mother live next door. Her daughter, Myu, knows me as the chicken guy. Her newborn son Shyu, has a shot at being our daughter's first boyfriend.

3,4,5) Photos of the completed chicken extension. Basically it is just a three story storage shelf with the second floor made into a chicken nest. I broke a hole in the wall to give them access from their usual dungeon, and padded it with copious amounts of rice straw for insulation. It has recycled shoji doors with old plastic sheets to keep in warmth, while also letting in light in the short cold summer days. While I have only actually seen them using the area once, there is an egg waiting in there every morning, so I know they go inside.

Chicken Winter HouseChicken Winter HouseChicken Winter House

The last photo is another of Tomoe lounging around. The baby is trying to come out a bit too early, so she is under doctor's orderd to stay put. Its great for me because I can do what I want around the house without worry about interfence.

Chillin in the Living Room


A pre-otsukare to Tomoe and I really like the look of yer new woodstove ! Stay warm this winter and all the best in twenty-ten.



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