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Snow Porn

DSC_1519 copyDSC_1495 copy

So I am going to just get this over with, and post all the snow-porn at one time. The tally over two days was just over a meter, just under a meter-half (about four feet.)

Although we got double what the folks in DC got, I am sure that it pales in comparison, simply because everyone here is used to it. Unlike the (oh-so sad) trauma it caused along the East Coast, life went on as usual here. In fact, many of the old farmers, despite their swearing, were secretly thrilled to have a reason to get out of the house. I have ne'er seen so much shoveling of areas that most certainly don't need shoveling. (Still, I am standing my ground, and I only shovel the space were we park our car and a small portion of the roof that collects excess amounts of heavy snow.) The worst part for us was waking up at 3AM to the sound of the neighbors very,very loud snow blower.

It did effect our Monday morning trip to the hospital, making the trip a little longer, but much more scenic (and exciting) driving through almost complete whiteout conditions. Other effects are that our eighty-eight year old neighbor was not able to go to the bath. We offer to drive her the 2km any time she wants to go, but I doubt she will take us up on the offer.

Unfortunately, it is likely to rain tonight, a disappointment for the local ski-hill which is set to have its annual free-ski & BBQ opening event tomorrow. Anyone in the area who happens to have the day off, come one out (only three hours from Tokyo)! The rain should turn to snow at night, but not sure how much. While there will still be free skiing, it might be a bit slushier or icier than hoped.

DSC_1237 copyDSC_1352 copyDSC_1331 copy

The top photo is earlier in the storm, the second/third photo is about mid-way through - and after having shoveled once and driven the car to the hospital already. Sorry, but I didn't have any good photos of the house at the end.

DSC_1498 copy

Above is a neighbor's house where the old man who lived there died the day before. The decorations are related to the funeral. While only relatives attend the cremation, everyone in the neighborhood lines-up outside the house to pay their respects before he body is taken to the local garbage incinerator. (Don't worry, they do have special facilities for people - it doesn't go in with the old futons.) The night of the big snow, the head of the hamlet came on the intercom asking people to make every effort to come out despite the snow. I am assuming it is to prevent a "lonely" looking send-off.

DSC_1510 copy

Above is a neighbor shoveling snow off the roof. He was up there for about six hours.

DSC_1303 copyDSC_1321 copyDSC_1272 copy

This is one of the wonderful village snow-blowers that keeps our streets clean and keeps us awake at 5AM. This together with the neighbors using their personal blowers at 3AM, and the sound of snow starting to avalanche off of the roof at 7AM, means we no longer sleep in until 10 o'clock.

DSC_1520 copyDSC_1463 copyDSC_1439 copyDSC_1513 copy


Oh boy.
Since I found this blog some days ago, I've felt this urge to move out in the countryside myself. :D And I'm really no "countryside person", if there is such a thing.

Love your pictures. Do you have more of the inside of your house? Looks really really cozy.


Omagah, sooo beautiful - I love the snow.
So envious of you and your wife's lifestyle and the baby on the way.
I really enjoy your site and appreciate it (^_^)

oh yeah. you can be sooo lucky. congrats to the snow ;)

i've been a huge fan (?) of you and your wife for a while.
i don't think i will be exaggerating if i tell you that YOU DO live THE LIFE i always wanted to live. I go to Japan once in a while to visit my mom in Nagano. I would love to visit your place if that's not too bothersome...

Dang ! I wish we'd get snow like that down here on the Nobi Plain. OK, maybe half that would be cool. Or even a third of that :-) Great pictures.

Hope the scrap-wood is holding out for you. Firewood goes so quick, doesn't it.


I've been outside in the coldish evening here in the UK looking for any excuse to dig my down/gtx combo out of storage, backheeling a quarter inch of persistent verglas off the sidewalk. Then I come in and see this. Way to make my experience feel inadequate Kevin! Love the effect of the lights on the trucks - almost festive :)

Merryy Christmasu!!

from an equally fluffy Switzerland

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