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February 26, 2010

I Said Suck!


The above photo is Aunt Maiko (not Tomoe's sister, but acts like an aunt to Mona, and was a HUGE help in the rice field last year when Tomoe was knocked up, and helps us a lot on our tours.) At one time we thought about giving her a spare room in the house and hiring her as a nanny so we could focus on work and farming, but since she would not be able to feed Mona anyway, it wouldn't really free Tomoe up so much, except for washing diapers, which Tomoe LOVES (seriously) to do, so she would never let Maiko take that job anyway. Maybe when Mona is a bit older and doesn't need boob.

We're getting lots of mail about the TV show from people who saw it in Tokyo, as well as people who watched the video that Vincent so graciously shared with us. In case you haven't seen the comment section of the previous post, you can watch the Japanese version below (part 1 on top continued in the second video). I am still working on the English subtitles, and trying to figure out how to add them to the video. So if you don't have time to watch it twice, you might want to wait for the English subtitle version...

Next, we see some shots taken on our walk yesterday. Nothing spectacular, just showing how much snow we still have left. We don't expectit to snow any more.Today was rain, and the days feel like spring. What a fast winter it was!


And finally, below we see Aunt Maiko's reaction to Tomoe's diciplinary methods when Mona won't drink.


February 23, 2010

TV Debut Today @ 6:15pm

DSC_4663 copy

To whom it may concern. Today, Feb 23, Mona makes her TV debut. The film crew that has been following us for almost a year now has finally put together their documentary. It will not be broadcast in our area, so I have to wait for the DVD from the producer. If you are in the Kansai (and possibly Kantou?) area, you can see it on Fuji TV (Channel 8) at around 6:00 or 6:15. The name of the program is Su-pa- Nyusuu (Super News), or something like that.

February 22, 2010

Thanks Everyone!


I love getting free hand-me-downs. Thanks to the two people who offered me their old phones! And to Kurt for bringing me the free darkroom equipment next month! And to everyone else who has clothed and kept Mona warm with their gifts.

More photos of the little girl. I'm working on getting her her own blog so I can post every single photo I take of her, instead of spending hours trying to select just a few from hundreds.

Things have been going great with Mona. She smiles a lot now and has started alerting us before she pees or poops so that we can take her diaper off and put her in the baby potty a friend gave us. It will be great when she can crawl there by herself. As it is she starts staring intensely in the direction of the potty, and tries to roll toward it, but can't quite make her body move.


February 20, 2010

Mona and My New Favorite Song

lyrics here

My ba-by kissed me good-night, and I am glad to relate that by the time I got home, I was feeling great I climbed up the door and o-pened the stairs. I said my pajamas and put on my pray'rs. I turned off the bed and crawled into the light. and all because you kissed me (Kiss) goodnight.

Next morning, I woke and scrambled my shoes. I shined up an egg, then I toasted the news, I buttered my tie and took another bite. and all because you kissed me (Kiss) goodnight.

By evening I felt normal, so we went out again. You said, "Goodnight," and kissed me. I hurried home and then,

I climbed up the door and opened the stairs. I said my pajamas and put on my prayr's. I turned off the bed and crawled into the light, and all because you kissed me (Kiss) goodnight.

I powdered my hair and pinned up my nose. I hung up the bath and I turned on my clothes. I put out the clock and wound the cat up tight, and all because you kissed me (Kiss) goodnight.

I ran up the shade and pulled down the stair. I curled up the rug and I vacuumed my hair. I just couldn't tell my left foot from my right, and all because you kissed me (Kiss) goodnight.

By evening I felt normal, so we went out again. You said, "Goodnight," and kissed me. I hurried home and then,

I lifted the preach'r and called up the phone. I spoke to the dog and I threw your Ma a bone. 'Twas mid-night and yet, the sun was shining bright. and all because you kissed me (Kiss) goodnight.

February 12, 2010

Looking for a used Docomo Foma phone

No photos today. Lots of bad things happening, like computer getting messed up (preparing for a re-install, but cant find where I stored the disks), and now I can't find my phone anywhere, so unless it turns up in the next few days, I gotta get another one. I hate buying new gadgets, o if anyone out there has a FOMA capable model lying around in a drawer, or has been thinking to upgrade, I am in the market for a new-used phone.

The only function I really need is to be able to call and receive calls. (the only people that ever email me are call-girls anyway)


February 08, 2010

More Mona for My Mom

MonaMona & Dad

And, its only appropraite to balance yesterday's snow-porn post with some baby-po... errr... that doesn't sound right... Some photos of Mona. In the photos below you can see that she is already quite smart and aware of the world around her.

  • Photo 1: Mona listening to classical guitar.
  • Photo 2: Mona listening to me sing.
  • Photo 3: Mona after we asked "Who wants boob?"
  • Photo 4: Mona being Mona"
Mona Listening to MozartMona When we asked "Who ants Dad to sing?"Mona when we asked "Who Wants Boob?"Mona after dad got done singing

Below you see Tomoe with the girl in charge of teaching expecting/new mothers in the village about how to be a mother. (would you believe she is already a mother of five? Just kidding.)

Mommy TeacherTomoe, Mona, Kiri & BunaMona

February 07, 2010

Feels like February

Stranded Snow PlowJapan Country in Winter

It has been snowing for two days again. These photos are from yesterday morning. There is more this morning. Luckily, the little ditch in front of our house has stopped running, and they are asking people not to dump snow into it for the time being. At least now Tomoe can't be mad at me for staying inside or taking a long walk with the camera...

local temple

Above: One of the gates of the local temple.

taking care of snowtaking care of snowtaking care of snowTaking Care of SnowTaking Care of Snow

Above: Taking care of the snow - important places to go... (actually the little girl's ski competition was cancelled due to the poor visibility on the slopes.)

Below: Random buildings, street scenes, and shops in the village. The newest looking one is a "Country Life Experience" house, made to let people see what it would be like to live in a small town (and hopefully encourage people to move here). You can stay there for 1,000 yen per night per family. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Typical Street SceneTypical Street SceneSnow in SakaeLocal ShopCountry Life Experience House Taking Care of Snow

Below: A stranded snow-plow, garbage collection area, and bus-stop.

View of the VillageBus StopGarbage Collection Area

Below: Our house after the first night of snow. I know it doesn't look like much, but that is because i spent a day last week shoveling everything that had accumulated so far.

This is only after the first day...

February 04, 2010

Playing with Poo (sh)

Mona Plays with Poosh

Watching Mona playing with Poosh - the name Tomoe gave to the little sheep that mom and dad sent - I am wondering where she got her Kiwi genes...

Mona and Adopted Grandma

She also enjoys hanging out with "stand-in grandma" (we gotta think of a better name for that) who lives next door.

Mori-no-ie Snow Hike

While Tomoe spent the day Sunday playing with Mona, I had to go to work as a volunteer guide for a snow-hike with the nearby Iiyama Mori-no-ie group. I have some more photos from that hike, but can't seem to post anything other than Mona.

Mona plays with Poosh

Meimei & Chichi

DSC_3741 copyDSC_3755 copyDSC_3739 copy

Mona'a a star now, and it's not hard to see why. The television crew made their last visit (or so they promised us) last Friday to get some shots of us at home with Mona- some soft-core action of Tomoe giving chichi (breast feeding) her, and hard-core video of me struggling to write decent caligraphy of her name for the traditional "meimei" - what you do when you give a child a name.

The large paper (all of which Tomoe and I made in the traditional methods of this area, which is famous for its high-quality paper) is one that I wrote with the cameras pressing down on me. I also wrote one of the smaller postcards, and Tomoe wrote one of the smaller postcards after I challenged her when she was laughing at me. It would make me happy if no one can figure out who wrote what.

Despite the poor caligraphy, she seems to be happy with the name.

DSC_3750 copyDSC_3722 copy
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