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February 27, 2011

Need some cheap old skis

Once again looking for cheap used stuff. This time I am looking for some skis.

I have some old backcountry bindings on a pair of very old used skis I got for free. The skins I bought don't fit the tips of my dumpy skis (the skin holder is too wide). I need skis fatter at the tips. I don't need backcountry bindings, as I can transplant them from my current skis (but better bindings would be nice). I am not particular about anything else (if you saw the skis I planned on using now you would understand why I am indifferent).

Tomorrow I am going to make a one-hour trek to the nearest dump and back to see if there are any there that fit the skins, but I am willing to pay for higher quality used skis.

February 24, 2011

At Least We Have Punky

Chicks that didn't make it

Punky may end up as an only child. There were two eggs that were long overdue for hatching, so I cracked them open to see what was inside. Two fully developed chicks. I wonder what I did wrong, as it seems they died with only another week or so before hatching. We still have about five eggs in the incubator. I hope at least one or two of them survive.

After taking some gruesome photos, we went for a walk to enjoy the nice weather.

Afternoon walk

February 23, 2011

I Got'tsa Charge

Snow in Sakae MuraDSC_0106Snow in Sakae Mura

3.5 meters of snow at the peak. Photos are scarce and words are scarcer. If you want words I got'tsa charge.

Jyokeninn Temple in Sakae Mura

February 14, 2011

Punky & Brewster

Punky & Brewster

Meet Punky (the black one) and Brewster (the yellow one). They are about just one and two days old in this photo. It has only been four days now (I think) and they are getting big... fast.

Unfortunatly for Punky, yesterday I was letting them run around the house, and they naturally gravitate to where I am. Since they are always peeping, even loud enough to even wake up Tomoe sleeping upstairs, I didn't even notice that when I moved my chair, I had crushed Punky's toe. I looked down and saw her struggling to get out from under my chair-leg. Her toe was flat as a piece of paper.

I was worried about infection and whatever else comes from having a crushed appendage still attached to your body (just got done watching the movie about that guy who cut off his own arm after being crushed by a rock). It was 4am, so there was no one to call in Japan, but I found this very helpful vet who takes phone questions in the US. Basically, I just need to clip off the toe with toe-nail clippers.

I have not clipped it off yet, as it seems that it is getting some blood-flow and may semi-recover, and Punky has not missed a beat. She still races around the room like a maniac.

Punky & PinkyBrewster is Born

February 02, 2011

Family Photo


A photo from my dad's camera, via my sister's blog, where there are more photos of the snow and fun. From left to right: Gandpa Cameron, Cousin Irene, Kevin Me, Grandma Cameron, Cousin Oscar, Cousin Johan, Aunt Kelly, Mona, Mommy Tomoe.

February 01, 2011

Whats been up

Mom (and dad)

Its been a while. Since my post on Jan 10, the wheel flew of my new (used) van while I was on the high-way (Luckily there were no other cars around, and it only cost me $150 to get it fixed, and it gave me an excuse to go back to Tokyo and visit sister and family to pick up the van from the shop). The snow ripped the windshield wiper off my other van, and yesterday I blew a tire on as I rode over a deep hole in the snow.

In other news...

The family was visiting two weeks ago, and I was too busy shoveling snow, refurbishing the bathroom with dad, and playing with the niece and nephews to take many photos. I did get a chance to try out my new waterproof sports video camera though. I promise to try to become a better film maker in the future.

I don't know why anyone other than immediate family that already read my sister's blog would care, but she does a more in-depth three-part diary of the two weeks., including some photos of the little-new-year festival they had the opportunity to attend, and my sister who also had a baby this year got her face coaled and helped throw out the traditional mikan oranges with me.

As you can see from the videos below, and this video on Kelly's site, her two-year old daughter is already better than mommy at snowboarding.

Here you see everyone going for a walk through the snow as it was when they first arrived. It has been snowing every day since, so there is considerably more now. It took dad and I an hour or more to dig out my car from a nearby parking lot yesterday, and even then we had the help of a passing snow plow.

Kelly tried snowboarding. Did much better than I did my first time, and much better than I can do now.

snow folksnow folk and real folk

Mom and dad built snow-folk. "Snowmen" here only have two levels and are not made to look anything like people, so it was the talk of the town for its creative use of real-people clothes, such as gloves and sandals.

helping to shovelDondon yaki

They also helped out with the shoveling and joined me at the local festival to celebrate little new-year, and hope for good luck this coming year.

grandma, grandpa and IreneFamily walking in the snow

Everyone enjoyed walks in the snow. Too bad they were here too early for the real snow. Sister Kelly swears she is not pregnant, but I have my doubts.

Spent some time at the local pool. Too bad Oscar is afraid of water. At least Irene liked the slide. I had my new video camera, but couldn't figure out how to get more than 2 seconds of video. Maybe next time.

After a week we moved to Kelly's place watching the kids while Kelly and young-Hoon party at a hot-spring village a few hours away. I recommended something closer, but Kelly said she wanted to get as far away as her budget would take her. I guess two year old twins and a new-born are a bit stressful...

I have never seen a baby cry as much as nephew Johan did for the past week, but the moment Kelly went out the door (absence of mom is usually the reason he cries) he kind-of quieted down when grandpa was holding him.

On my way home, the tire fell off of the van while I was on the highway. Luckily there was no other traffic around me, so the only damage was to my own car, and I was going pretty slowly so the damage was kept at a minimum.

Fast forward to a few days ago, I went to pick up the van from the repair shop in Tokyo near my sister's place. Spent the next day at the zoo with Kelly and her kids, only to find that the car would not start when we tried to go home. The JAF (Japan Automobile Federation) came to save us and I made it back much later than anticipated.

The videos in the previous post show what I encountered on my ride home. almost a meter of snow fell while I was in Tokyo. But that is nothing compared to what has fallen since then. We are now at three + meters and counting.

mom and dad
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