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Punky & Brewster

Punky & Brewster

Meet Punky (the black one) and Brewster (the yellow one). They are about just one and two days old in this photo. It has only been four days now (I think) and they are getting big... fast.

Unfortunatly for Punky, yesterday I was letting them run around the house, and they naturally gravitate to where I am. Since they are always peeping, even loud enough to even wake up Tomoe sleeping upstairs, I didn't even notice that when I moved my chair, I had crushed Punky's toe. I looked down and saw her struggling to get out from under my chair-leg. Her toe was flat as a piece of paper.

I was worried about infection and whatever else comes from having a crushed appendage still attached to your body (just got done watching the movie about that guy who cut off his own arm after being crushed by a rock). It was 4am, so there was no one to call in Japan, but I found this very helpful vet who takes phone questions in the US. Basically, I just need to clip off the toe with toe-nail clippers.

I have not clipped it off yet, as it seems that it is getting some blood-flow and may semi-recover, and Punky has not missed a beat. She still races around the room like a maniac.

Punky & PinkyBrewster is Born


how did you incubate them?

wow! How many are you hatching?

Let him be...he will come around. Chickens have 9 lives too : )


Punky and Brewster, we obviously grew up during approximately the same TV era.

This is our next project but I had thought we would need to wait till Spring- how warm is your house??? I guess there is usually someone home at yours so the fire is on... I am thinking this would be a great Spring holiday project for Meg.

@John: We originally tried to use a box with some insulation and a plate heater used fro birds and reptiles. We had to continuously turn the eggs, and nothing hatched. When I cracked them open I found some half-grown chickens, but they obviously died early in the process.

Now we are using an incubating machine borrowed from a neighbor who is a teacher at the grade school where they keep chickens for, amongst other things, sex-ed.

The machine regulates the heat, humidity, and tilts the eggs at regular intervals, so we don't have to even look at it until we hear a peep. I hear it is about 30,000 yen ($300)

@Weekendfarmer: We have five more in the incubator, but are pretty shure that two of them - our silkie eggs- are not going to hatch. The others still have a few more days to go. My main goal is just to get a brood that grows up with plenty of human contact and will be nice to us and our neighbor children.

@Bob: The name came because the black one was acting like a "punk" according to Tomoe, so I suggested the name punk. She preferred "punky" (without knowing of Punky Brewster) So once the second hatched, it was only natural (for me) to name her "Brewster".

@Heather: The house is cold as usual, but we keep them in a box with a reptile/bird heater. I let them out to run around when I am in the room and have the fire stove on.

I think Meg would love it. Mona is too young and too excited. Today Tomoe found her waving both chicks around by their heads. Literally clutching their heads and waving them around. Even when she does her "gentle" treatment, the birds end up "flying" to the other side of the room. (they cant fly by themselves yet)

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