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May 09, 2011

Mother. There is no other.

I know it is past mothers day (I think?) And my mom's birthday is around mothers day*. So this is a belated mothers day greeting To mom and Tomoe and Kelly and Shannon and all the other mothers.

*Coincidentally, Tomoe's mother's birthday is a day away from my mother's, and Tomoe and I actually share the same birthday. (just a little fun-fact).

May 06, 2011

Mona & Mayu

Some videos from yesterday and today. As I said yesterday, we went to a local festival. Though the area is just under an hour away, the snow was long since gone, and the flowers and plants are huge compared to our area. In a few days we should have something similar to those yellow flowers (rape) here.

Mona has really started to enjoy playing in the big plastic trash-cans I snagged from a house that was being demolished. Mayu is not a fan of sitting in a trash can, but she will do it for Mona's sake.

Looking for used Baby Bike Seat

Photo by MayuPhoto by MayuPhoto by Mayu

The photos today were taken by me niece yesterday at a festival in the neighboring village. It is her first time to use a camera and she is a natural, and she loves it. This is going to be fun.

Once again I am looking for someone to sell me some used goods either for cash or for barter (accommodation and tour of the earth-quake ravaged countryside). I am looking for a toddler bike seat for Mona. I will pay shipment, of course (within Japan).

I know there are some relatively cheap ones out there, and it would be easier just to go buy it at Jusco, but I prefer to use used goods (especially when it comes to the safety of my baby*). So if anyone has an unused baby bike seat laying around, please contact me at my email kevin@kevincameron.net

We prefer a front seat that goes on the handle-bars, but will be very content with one that goes on the back of the bike too. Thanks if anyone has one they are willing to sell! (and if you happen to get knocked up again, I will send it back)

Photo by MayuPhoto by MayuPhoto by Mayu

*For legal reasons, I have to point out that the comment about the safety of my baby was sarcasm. I would not use a baby bike seat that I did not think was safe.

Photo by Mayu

May 04, 2011

Mona is a mommy!

Another one for mom.

Mona is giving birth to a filled-up diaper.

The last film below is long. I am still not having the time or patience to edit video. I just upload. It is of some of the neighbor kids and neighbor's relatives kids (visiting for the holidays) playing with Mayu. I gave them a squirt gun a hose and some umbrellas.

Mona is the little one crying. Mayu (the nice) is the oldest one in the video. We don't know how to handle her playing with younger children. On the one hand, we think she might be bored, but on the other hand, that is what the older kids do here - they take care of the younger kids. Especially in the area where the school only has 8 children. The older ones play with and teach the younger ones, regardless of age.

We want to show that to Mayu (not force it, mind you), but let her experience it.

Random Videos For Mom

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