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One Bad Year

August 2011, MonaAugust 2011, Mona

Just taking some time to play with photo shop as I can't do anything else with my arm in a sling. The pain has subsided now, three days after the surgery, so I can type, but I can't move at the shoulder for another three weeks, and after that I will only be able to lift my arm as high as my shoulder for three more months after that.

August 2011, MonaAugust 2011, MonaAugust 2011, Mona

For those without the very exclusive membership to my facebook page, I tore three tendons in my shoulder a week or so ago, and just had surgery to fix it up a few days ago. All trips are off for the rest of the year - and just when people started coming back to Japan and making reservations for the summer/fall seasons after the earthquake and nuclear thing...

August 2011, MonaAugust 2011, Mona
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