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Still alive. Who wants ta know?

Mona, Sept 2011

Still alive. Arm is getting better. Rice is almost ready to harvest. Mona is getting bigger. Just thought I would throw a few photos up for the family.

She is taller than all of her peers now, and can run faster than her 3+ year old neighbor. She doesn't really talk much, other than "apa" meaning Anpan-man (a Japanese cartoon character), and "Mickey", meaning either Micky or Minney mouse.

It seems a common filler for awkward wordless moments when one is stuck standing silently next to the mother of the child your own child is playing with is "What does your daughter like to play? Cooking? Trains?". I have fun saying "Jigsaw puzzles" and "children's sudoku."

Here are some photos to prove we are taking relatively good care of her, despite the many scratches and scrapes that seem to shock all of our neighbors, and despite walking barefoot on "spiky" grass.

Mona, Sept 2011

I swear she is an almost-two-year-old girl, but in this photo she looks like she could be a five-year-old choir boy.

Mona, Sept 2011Mona, Sept 2011
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