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Mitsukuri, Soba, Aspara

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Went for a jog the other day to get some photos of Mitsukuri hamlet, just a ten minute walk from my house, but I have been there only a few times since the earthquake wiped out the the road on the other side of the hamlet, ruining one of my favorite biking roads with great views, passing through little hamlets as well as lush forests, and only a slight, every managable uphill with a breath-taking downhill.

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My goal this time was to get some photos of the hamlet for the village website. Unfortunately, I have been there too many times and what I once would have spent hours photographing, I now look at and feel desensitized to its beauty. Anyone know how to get that first-time feeling back?

At any rate, what I found appealing this time were the soba fields and the asparagas seeds after a good rain.

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