Dictionary Bookmarklets II

When I advertised the dictionary bookmarklets on the Japan Bloggers mailing list, Charles from japan-japan.com posted a lnk to rikai.com. Wow, that's a great site. Miles ahead of any google translation page, this displays the page in it's original Japanese, and as you mouse over the words, the dictionary meaning appears. If you can already read Japanese fairly well, but get hung up on a few kanji, there's no longer any excuse for not reading Japanese blogs. (unless they suck).

Anyway, it's still a pain to open rikai.com and input the URL or text that you want "translated". Sooo, I edited the bookmarklets to use it.

rikai Link j2e | rikai Link e2j | rikai Text j2e | rikai Text e2j

To use them:

Point at a dictionary link above.
Click right mouse button and choose "Add to Favorites".


Drag the bookmarklet link into your Favorites (using View >> Explorer Bar). You can also drag the link up to your Favorites menu; when the menu opens, drag to whichever place you prefer.

Clicking on rikai Link j2e/e2j simply opens a new window in rikai.com with the same page you are looking at when you click on the bookmarklet.

To use rikai Text j2e/e2j, first select some text on the page you're viewing, Click on the bookmark, and rikai.com will open with the "translation" of that text. (In order to pass the Japanese text through as EUC, I am doing the conversion on a script on my own site first. Once this is done it will redirect you to rikai.com.)

Comments about Dictionary Bookmarklets II

Nice set of additions. Remember that you can ask Rikai to build a vocabulary list for each of your sessions. You can print it out when you are through, thereby avoiding having to write the kanji out yourself.

Posted by: Charles Swenson at July 26, 2003 09:08 PM

nice rikaiwrappers...

theres also an app called Dr Mouse that is part of ATOK, which works to give rollovers for any app. it even sometimes gives popups for menu items, so you can translate the commands of windows apps.

another popup app i use occasionally is popjisyo from coolest.com

Posted by: dc at July 27, 2003 07:40 PM

Totally cool toys. I had to play with em once you posted them up. I even created a few bookmarklets of my own using Babel Fish. Now I'm on a wierd machine translation kick.

If you want, check out my bookmarklets at

Posted by: Kakyou at July 31, 2003 12:05 AM