My Brain Hurts a Little Less

So, despite yesterday's survey being quickly thrown together with little planning and some questions that may be difficult to understand, I found the feedback helpful. In particular:

Something else that was helpful, was Paul's comment, about not reading books, such as the guide, but reading blogs, and that I should put that information in a blog. A while back, as I was reading the World Watch Institutes State of the World 2004. every page would have something I desperately wanted to share with the anyone who reads this blog. I feared though, that in the end, I would be pretty much copying and pasting from the PDf to my blog... that sounds a bit illeagal.

It did make me think however about how if we want to get a point across, breaking it up into bite sized pieces, and feeding it to the audience bit by bit a day at a time is probably a more effective way than simply recommending the book. I am going to see how I can work this into my own blog while remaining leagal.

I also chatted with another reader who mentioned that the missing variable that keeps me from understanding, is that people either don't try to learn, and therefore just don't know. If the case is that people just don't know, I would be sooo frikin happy! It implies that if the people knew, they would care. Teaching someone who doesn't know seems a lot easier than trying to get someone who already knows to care. It would relieve my stress so much, because there is a clear-cut answer that just needs a little action.

He also thought that perhaps people "know in their heads, but not in their hearts". This is a revelation for me. My case is exactly the opposite. For as long as I can remember, I "knew in my heart", meaning, my instincts told me that something isn't right... yet, knowing in my heart was not enough. When I started to research it though, I began to get more concrete information and facts. The more I began to "know in my head", the more difficult it became to live contradictory to logic. It just doesn't make sense.

The point being of course, that I am reminded that different people need to be approached in a different manner. While I need to "know in my head" before I do anything, some people need to "know in their hearts" before they take action. just something for me to think about... small, but very helpful.

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I love the macro of the hydrangea blossom. Hydrangeas are one of my favorites.

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