Coffee or Computer? The lesser of two evils

Now that the computer is back I am ashamed at how quickly I have fallen back into my old bad habit of using it. Part of it is unavoidable, since I do have responsibilities to clients, but much of it is just me wasting time staring at anything that links. I have found that I am able to get away from it if I leave my apartment, taking a book or two to the local cafe, but that raises other issues. With the exception of the occasional sip of coffee from Tomoe's cup, I had managed to cut coffee out of my diet for over a year. This was partly because I knew that too much caffein was not good for me, but mostly because I had learned where coffee actually came from and didn't want to be responsible for it. Since I arrived here, I somehow started drinking coffee again (for social reasons in the beginning). Now it is to the point where I don't even feel too bad walking into the cafe and having three or four refills as I read.

This has to stop. I could just walk around town reading all day, which I have found to be much more enjoyable here than in Tokyo, but I may have to actually have a table to write at sometimes. If you see me drinking coffee, smack me. (but not so hard that I spill hot coffee on myself)

Comments about Coffee or Computer? The lesser of two evils

Hi Kevin, Don't beat yourself up about coffee. Monks in the past have used the beverage to have deeper spiritual experiences, through sustained prayer sessions. There are plenty of studies that show the benefits of a little caffeine in the system, one includes increased muscular endurance. If I ever see you drinking coffee I will not smack you but join you. Take care.

Posted by: karl at March 18, 2005 09:51 PM

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