Thank God for our ability to adapt and innovate!

When Tomoe was planning her trip to Sweden earlier this year we had originally thought to go to Switzerland for some skiing in the Alps, something I used to dream about in high-school. Then, partly because I wanted to stay closer to Sweden (which didn't really happen since we went to Belgium as well), we opted to go cross country skiing in the mountains of Norway instead. I'm glad we did. It was amazing and more satisfying than simply riding a lift up, and going down, and riding a lift up, and going down, and ridding a lift up, and .... you get the picture, like eggs on a conveyor belt.

Part of me however is feeling that we should have done both... it may have been our last chance.

Then again, maybe , just maybe , as many people like to believe, people will adapt and technology will save us from the consequences of global warming. Maybe I will still be able to ski in the Alps some day thanks to this wonderful technology they have developed to keep the glaciers from melting.

'Eternal snow' melts as temperatures rise via Howling at a Waning Moon

Vienna - Austrian glacier ski regions are covering parts of their precious ice with sheets of plastic foil during the summer months in an effort to counter increased melting levels causing by rising global temperatures.


'The foil reflects almost all incident radiation. That strongly reduces the melting procedure'


Melting glaciers are disastrous to the environment. The whole water content of a mountain range may be lost with inestimable effects on plant and animal life. Experts predict that by the year 2050, two-thirds of all Alpine glaciers will be gone.

Of course, this also means I should get down there in summer months as well so I can see the views before they are all covered with plastic.

Thank God for our ability to adapt and innovate, solving any problem and eliminating the need for foresight and long term planning!

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