Today was supposed to be a vacation, but it doesn't seem like it yet. I woke up to find Guri all crusty and caked with her own vomit. she has been puking off and on for a while now, this time it looked worse because I put her on a nutritious paste diet. Normally she just spits out her half digested seeds, but still, still solids. I can always tell when she pukes because I either hear the seeds spraying all along the inside of the cage, or, when she is outside the cage, I feel the seeds spraying all over me, as well as hear them hitting the walls of the apartment.

Anyway, Guri looked worse today than ever, so I called Tomoe to come over and say her goodbyes, just in case, and then we called the vet to see if we could buy only the miracle medicine that always brings her back to life. The vet was hesitant, saying that she had to do a (5000yen) checkup first, but I have had her checked up so many times and each time it is the same problem... namely the eats her own sh... After some argument by Tomoe on the phone, and me in person at the vet's, she relented and gave us the medicine.

I feel a little bad, but it's pretty crazy taking her in for the expensive checkup every time when I am 99% sure of the cause. I have taken her in to the vet 3 or 4 times already... I can't even remember the last time I went to the doctor without the need for a signed health voucher or something for school or work. ( actually I think it was two years ago when I went to the eye doctor about a scratch on my eye.. it only cost 1000 yen for the checkup and medicine).

Now Guri is in her tiny little incubator cage with a hot bottle of water. We tried cleaning her out with a squirt of saline to her stomach as the vet did... actually that's another story.

Usually when I go the the vet, paying the 5000 yen covered 1) Looking at her crap under the microscope, 2) Sucking out any gas bubbles in her stomach, 4) Squirting saline into her to clean her out, and 4) a bottle of medicine. The last time I went, the doctor was different... the old man who actually owns the practice. (usually it is a nice young woman who seems to actually care about Guri). The old man didn't even touch Guri, just put the poop on the microscope, gave me medicine and charged me 5000 yen. I asked him to clean her out (which makes her feel goo immediately) and he said this time was different than last time, so she didn't need it. Today when I went there, the kind woman looked at Guri's medical records and told me that she had the same problem, and I received the same medicine every time I have ever come! Today when I was contemplating taking Guri in or not, I would have had no trouble making up my mind if it had been that jerk old man. Unfortunately the lady made me feel a little guilty.

Now Guri is resting.

* * *

I have listened to many more interesting Talk Of The Nation programs lately, but this is the one I was listening to today, so I will comment on it. It was about re-gifting. They spoke about how to do it, and the manners involved etc... The whole point was to make everyone feel OK about getting and giving crap that no one really wants. Why not just stop giving crap then? As we think about it on an individual basis, it seems harmless, but this Christmas at the hash, as is a hash ritual in Tokyo, the run stopped by the 100 yen shop and everyone was to buy a piece of crap, this crap would then be exchanged for some other crap later in the evening. Sure it is fun (once) and sure it is not so expensive, (although the 3000 yen total could have been put to better use) but what made me shudder was seeing 30 plastic pieces of crap, each in it's own plastic bag passed around. Half of it was "forgotten" at the restaurant, and the other half will be in the un-burnable garbage next week. (Luckily I happened to have some sketches I had previously made of some of the hash members in my sketch book, so I gave that)

Anyway, the point I would eloquently make if I had time, is that before giving a gift, people should probably think not about how funny it is, or how expensive it is, or maybe even how much people would enjoy it... how about thinking if it is needed and weighing that need against the cost.

That being said, I asked my mom to send me some shirts, cookies, and a great painting book, despite the fact that I don't really need them, and probably would not buy it myself (except the cookies). Of course she wraps each package in three pounds of non-burnable tape, and add up 10000 of these packages, and it causes Fed-ex to use enough fuel to send an extra plane to Japan... I would send it back, but it would double the evility... I guess I will just have to keep it and enjoy it.

Christmas 2001 { Dec 2001 }

I'm only a little behind with posting photos to the site. Here are some pictures of Christmas 2001. Tomoe was in school in England, and I was sitting around Tokyo doing nothing in particular for the holiday. We toyed with the idea of me going to Europe, but being the cheap bastishes that we are, we decided it would be much cheaper to go to the US, and mooch of my parents than to travel in Europe. It would also be much more enjoyable.

A little commentary on the photos...

Two days after we arrived, the 22nd I think, Tomoe and I took the camper up to the UP in search of snow for cross-country skiing. We ran into a bit in Grayling, and stopped for a few hours, then headed up to the Mackinaw where we were the only campers and there was no snow. The next day we headed up to Taqwanenananomoemnoe Falls where there was a little snow, but not enough to ski. We headed back to camp and tried to have a nice camp-fire dinner, but the wind off the lake was too strong and I didn't want to start a forest fire on Christmas-eve-eve, so had some pancakes.

Wouldn't you know it, the next morning, when we had to get home early for Christmas-eve festivities, I woke up to an eerie silence at around 5 am to find a couple inches of snow. Of course i was worried about the fact that I have totaled two cars in snow-related accidents, and we had a (normally) three-hour-drive back to Bay City ahead of us, but more worrisome was the fact that we had taken the heavy camper down a steep hill, with a sign saying "off-limits", and now that hill had slippery snow-drifts covering it. On the way up the car was making some strange noises, so the day before we had searched for a repair shop in the area, but they were all closed... every place with a tow-truck was closed. We were hauling a heavy trailer with a car making strange noises and had to climb a steep hill covered with snow, then drive through the snow all the way home in time for Christmas-eve services at 6:00.

Unfortunately, it was not as exciting as it could have been. We made it up the hill fine, and the snow cleared an hour after Mackinaw, so we made it home in plenty of time.

Other photos include cookie cutting, Tweety, mom's bird which is very nice considering he is the spawn of the devil.

Some posed pictures of Tomoe by the tree acting Christmasy, Aunt Uncle and cousins, Tim, Shannon, Kelly, mom and Dad, and a night on the town in Ann Arbor with friends since 1st, and 5th grade, Jason and Sarah.

I Like Cherries!

Some pictures of where I spent Christmas morning this year. Before a meeting at a client in Yokohama.

* * *

I think I have the day off tommorrow. Most Japanese companies do... All out clients do... And last week the president was talking about how to get everyone's pay-check to them, since payday is Tuesday. This would seem to indicate that he understood (as everyone else believed) that the New Year holiday this year started on Friday. In these regards, I am always clueless, and the last to know that there is a holiday. I Usually find out the day before. So when the president was talking to me Friday and said something to the effect of "I think we can all go home early Tuesday... maybe 2:00" I was only a little confused... so I guess we do have work Monday and Tuesday. But then why was he talking about how to get everyone their paycheck the day before?

I went out and asked the others when the holiday started and they all said Saturday. ??? I mentioned what the president had said, and since at least one of them had made plans for the entire week, she was alarmed and decided to confront him. He came in a while later visibly perturbed, asking who planned to come in Monday. Of course no one volunteers, and he became more visible perturbed. Apparently because we all failed to put in prior notice of our national-holiday-day-off. Anyway, I am still not sure if I am supposed to go in tomorrow, but my sister is coming to visit, so I'm going to err on the side of my own leisure.

* * *

Tomoe has some new art to hang on her fridge, as I spent the whole day trying to conquer a cherry-tree while she worked on her thesis. Take a look at the paintings below, but know that the battle is not over yet. There is also a picture of the humming-bird I painted the day I bought my snazzy new acrylic paints, and a festive Christmas themed painting from a while that was supposed to depict Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus, but somehow it turned into a picture of a middle-eastern couple looking in horror at the grape-fruit the woman has just given birth too.


* * *

A while back, finding that I did not have enough time to practice as much of the drawing and sketching as I want to (I haven't been to nudie class in over a month) I decided to start sketching everyone on the train. Now, every time I can sit, and the train ride is more than three stops, I pull out my sketch book and make one more unsuspecting citizen famous.

I like to think that I am improving somehow, but looking at the drawings I can't really make that claim... yet.

They are all pretty much crap, except for the 5th (no. 28), the 11th (no. 35) 18, 19, 20th (no. 42, 43, 44), and the 21st (no. 45 - actually from a National Geographic, not the train).

TLH3 Kichijyouji

Walking back the station on my way home from work on Christmas day, I ran into a hasher. O crap! I was supposed to help the hare find a rester aunt for the On-on. Should I go, where I am sure to be chastised for not replying to his email, or sneak off home. Luckily, there was nothing to do at home.

Happy Halloween

I was riding my bike to the video store to return a movie and thinking to myself how truly horrible I am for not having sent anyone a Christmas card on time this year. Evil man! Evil man!

It dawned on me though, as I rode and thought about what time to set my alarm for so I don't miss an early morning meeting tomorrow, that there is absolutely no (good, logical) reason why I should have to send cards exactly now. Here I am doing what I do every other day and not feeling in the bit as though today is special, or that I am missing anything... So I decided that rather than celebrating Christmas on some date picked by someone for who-knows-why, that I would celebrate it when it is convenient for me. So don't be surprised if you get Christmas cards and presents in March.

Right now I have decided to celebrate Holloween.

Sometimes I hate that I am so dang logical.

* * *

Tomoe found out today that her first tour of duty at her new job will be six months in Osaka. It's not as far as London was (only 2 hours or so by shinkansen), but I doubt that I will see her any more than I did that time. For some people, it might work to justify a monthly $200+ train trip by saying "I will save that much by not going out with her here." Unfortunately we don't go out here either. Our most expensive date usually consists of a trip to the grocery store to buy some bread and cheese, or a can of Pringles. I only see her once a week or less as it is, so the $30/date savings just wont add up.

Shannon & Tim's Wedding { 2002 September }

The most recent of the photos in my archive that have never been posted. Here you can see the crazy weekend documented through my own digital camera with only a few hours worth of battery life, hence the small number of photos.

They range the pre-bachelor party day (the day after I arrived back home) to the bachelor party, to the wedding, the party van, which was a new discovery for me... seeing as this was realyl the first wedding I have ever been too that I was old enough to remember, I had no idea that (or the limo ride) was a part of the festivities), the reception, the after-reception, my folks kitchen, and even some other dorks.

I am going for quality and also putting up the huge version of each of these if available (all but the last 20 or so). If you want to see the big one, you can click on the list of links below. To make sure you downlwoad the one you want, just hold your mouse over the thumbnail, and the name of the photo will show up in about 3 or four seconds.





The cookies have already been shipped, and a package arrived this morning. They are already half gone, so I hope there are more on the way.


* * *

I noticed today that it is already December twenty-something. This means Christmas will soon be here and I haven't mailed any Christmas cards yet, or even written (= signed) most. It's really not my fault though. Christmas approaching in Japan is much different than it is in America. Even though there are a lot of annoying Christmas music playing, many with an annoying Japanese accent, and one rendition of Silent night that is simply "La la la la.... la la la la.... la la la.... la la la..." la'ed to the Silent Night melody.

As I was saying, despite the meaningless annoying Christmas music, I still don't feel any of the pressure of the upcoming Holiday season. For one thing, I will spend my Christmas day at work. Another reason, (an one I like very much) is that I feel no pressure to buy gifts for anyone. I think everyone is already tired of receiving a "care-package" of strange Japanese goodies like fish-egg spaghetti-sauce and packaged dog genitals. Anyway, it is one custom that I would not really miss if it disappeared altogether... until I have kids of course, as I will be anxious to fill their stockings with Spinach and Asparagus.

This year I didn't have to give anyone a list of what I wanted... It always seems strange since if it was something I can't get myself, I really don't want to ask anyone else to get it for me, and if I can get it myself and haven't (usually because I am too cheap) I have to wonder how much I really want it.

* * *

As always, by popular demand...


Sumo, Akasaka, Mom & Dad { May 2001 }

It amy be time to start working on those New Year's resolutions, but I will not be. I ave too many New Day resolutions that I have made over the course of the year, many of which remain to be fulfilled. When I think back to all the things I started and never finished... like getting all the photos I have just thrown in various places on my desktop in some kind of order and posted on the web. That's why tonight I took an extra 30 minutes to name and post some. Of course I will try to do this more, and post the photos I took before the bastish net existed, but don't expect anything.

* * *

These are photos from back in May of 2001 when my parents came to Tokyo to visit. It's always hard to find something that people can enjoy in short one -day trips, and especially hard since to me just walking through Kabuki-cho is enough to keep me occupied for several hours.

Luckily Tomoe came along this day and she suggested we visit the Tokyo Edo Museum I thought it was one of the greatest museums I have ever been to. Of course, for people who have not spent so many long hours in class hearing about the history that was on display here, and reading Japanese literature from the periods on display, the museum@seems to loose some of it's appeal. Luckily, as we got off the train we realized that the Sumo Stadium next door just happened to be in the middle of a tournament and I was treated to an extra few hours of not having to worry about finding something interesting.

(The same thing happened a year later when I took Jon and his friend to the museum... we found that a tournament was going on next door and it saved the day.)

After the Tournament, we headed to Akasaka only to find that, to dad's delight, it was closing down.

The next day mom and I woke up early (4:30) to catch the fish market at Tsukiji. I had been there before, but for some reason always wound up getting there too late. If you are even an hour later, you can miss much of the good stuff, such as seeing the auction in progress. Of course it has always been interesting even if I don't get there till 8 or so.


Hakone With Tomoe { 2001 March 20 }

Back when we used to be young and active (around March 20, 2001), Tomoe and I took a day hiking trip out to Hakone. The town on Hakone itself is a pretty crapped-up tourist trap, but if you stay away from the over priced baths, you can find some nice trails to hike on for a day. It must not be that bad though, as we have been back three(?) times since. Once while passing through on our way to Nagoya by bike. There are other pictures for that though.


Niel and Yumiko

I almost didn't get out of work tonight, as the server suddenly was invisible to half the web just one hour before I was supposed to leave to meet a friend who was in Tokyo for the holidays, and I had no contact number for (on me at the time). I still am not sure what the problem was, but it fixed itself... I mean I took control of the situation and did some quick thinking to reprogram a new routing protocol allowing the delinquent port to redirect all queries to a new service identifier process.

Anyway, I was only 10 minutes late to meet them. I wasn't sure if I would recognize him, since i don't even know how old I was the last time we met, the one thing I really remember is climbing a mountain with his family and mine in New Mexico and seeing tons of nudie people. Every where we went we saw nudie people, men women and families. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to see any of the ladies "zappers" which was my sister's word for... you know.

Anyway, I met up with Niel and Yumiko for dinner in Shinjuku, my favorite place to take people new to Tokyo. Not that there is really much outstandingly exciting, but if you look around, it is the most interesting place in Tokyo that I know of. Unfortunately it seemed to be a quiet Thursday night, with the usual crowd trying to get me into the strip club again.

Just before heading home we stumbled onto a nice little bar in Golden Gai with cheap (500 yen) frozen drinks. Unfortunately they were beers. It was still one of the nicer bars I have seen in Japan if you like a friendly fun atmosphere without the whole nampa scene.

Check out the photos.


* * *

I also have a few photos taken from the clients office Tuesday morning. Nothing special really, but for some reason I really love looking down on a big city, much more than living in it. On a related note, another apartment has opened up in Fujino, where I almost moved to before.

* * *

A few photos of Guri and Awii. I don't have good enough timing to catch Awii with her wings spread, as she usually hangs upside down spread full-eagle. She looks like some angelic statue on the side of an old building in New York, but in this picture she just looks drunk.

Am I really that dorky?

After not sleeping two nights ago, since I can never fall asleep until around 4 am anyway, and I had to be up at 6:30 for a conference call with some folks in St. Louis, I decided it was safest to just stay awake... no chance of oversleeping. Last night I was out at 8:30 and it felt great. I wish I could get that much sleep more often, but my list of things I want to get done never seems to shrink as it is.

* * *

One of those things I wanted to get done was some .... oh wait, I can't tell anyone yet... assuming I get it done it will spoil their Christmas, and if I don't get it done it will spoil it because they will be disappointed.

Anyway, I probably had lots of time to do it, until I ran into this site about color. I later discovered it was a site about water color, and the most informative site (counting books as sites too) I have ever seen. Needless to say, I didn't get anything else done.

* * *

I was supposed to go to a meeting of people who are geeks and write about their life on a web site like this, but the meeting was canceled because not enough people RSVPed. I can't help thinking that it was because people looked at my site and based on the picture on the left there, they all decided it was in their best interest to stay home.

* * *

It has come to my attention that some people think the cookie order form is a joke or something... I guess it's their own loss. For some of us the cookies are in the mail. Of course others, who ordered 45 dozen of this or that, will have to wait a little longer.

Christmas Cheer

Charlene, from Char's Adventures talks about her class Christmas pageant. It just happens to be the same day I am reading David Sedaris' book Holidays on Ice (just arrived from Amazon Saturday!!!). I like his view on school pagents...

Here again the first through third-grade actors graced the stage with an enthusiasm most children reserve for a smallpox vaccination. One could hardly blame them for their lack of vitality, as the stingy, uninspired script consists, not of springy dialogue, but rather of a deadening series of pronouncements.

Mary to Joseph: "I am tired."
Joseph to Mary: "We will rest here for the night."

There's no fire, no give and take, and the audience soon grows weary of this passionless relationship"

A strong proponent of trendy racially mixed casting, Michaels gives us a black Tiny Tim, leaving the audience to wonder, "What, is this kid supposed to be adopted?" It's a distracting move, wrongheaded and pointless.

There is also a lovely story of one of his childhood Christmas memories.

Were I to receive a riding vacuum cleaner or even a wizend proboscis monkey, it wouldn't please me half as much as knowing that we were the only family in the neighborhood with a prostitute in our kitchen.

Really great stuff. I was looking for some of these on-line, and couldn't find the text, but found a link that has lots of recordings of Sedaris reading some of his work.

* * *

I met a fun guy this weekend who is a designer of buttons (the type you see on a computer program). He also does other design and illustration. He was telling me about how when he worked for Sony, drawing Sesame Street characters on children's products. I always wondered how they got every single Big Bird to look the same as every other Big Bird. Now I know. Apparently, after he would draw a character, he had to send the drawing to New York, where someone would make corrections by drawing over it on a piece of tracing paper. They would make comments such as "Ernie's belly aint so big". What an exciting job they must have.

* * *

Our office was robbed last week. They didn't take much, only a lap-top, a brief-case, and a couple computer mice. Or so we thought!!!! Today, I realized that my expensive (2,300 yen) Sony headphones were gone!!! A year ago I spent three days deciding if I should buy them or not! Now I have to go through that again.

I found this out today, but it is not as bad as what my co-worker found out by a phone call from his wife as work ended. His house was broken into and robbed today while they were at work. So I want to hear all you people who have these dreams and fantasies of Japan as a safe place to take note.


I'm now taking orders for FREE CHRISTMAS COOKIES from my mommy in America. Please fillin the form below to place your order.

* The cookies will be delivered by the end of next week, packed into a tiny box with some candy and deoderant.
* If your order is to big to fit in one box, but not big enough to fill a second box, they will be boken into crumbles to ad packed into one box.
* BFC = Booze Filled Cookies
* An order of one-dozen or more of the following cookies (Rum-balls, Creme de Menthe, Fudge) will be melted into one gigantic blob for ease of shipping.

Cut out sugar cookies
Shortbreadbutter flavored - yellowish- squeeze out in long strip and cut into little flat bars with ridges on top.
Spritzlittle almond flavored put through cookie press - pink and green
Tea Cakesvery little round balls - vanilla flavor with nuts - rolled in powdered sugar
Cathederal slicescolored marshmallows and chocolate cut in slices - little bit of coconut on outside
Creme de Menthe [BFC]
Bitter SweetsVery little cookie with blob of cream cheese on top then chocolate on top
Peanut butter Nuggetsround white with peanut butter and chocolate mixture inside
Forgottenpink and green meringue - light and crunchy made from egg whites.
Rum Balls [BFC]
PizzaRice Krispies/chocolate/marshmallows with few red and green cherries on top, drizzled with white chocolate - cut in squares - very sweet
Springelawhite anise flavor cut in little blocks with raised people pictures on top.

Apparently somebody thought that the title "Parakeet Death" refered to Guri. Luckily that is not the case. It refered to Myu (the second parakeet I owned here). She expresed her sympathies, and as I erad over the post I see how it could be construed in that way...

It makes me think though. What will I ever do when Guri and Awii do die. Awii should have another 10-15 years or so... I don't really know about Guri. Anyway, their both fine, just a little loney because I am at work longer lately.

Parakeet Death (not Guri)

I often ask myself why God lets bad things happen to good people. Today I was relatively late at work again, catching a 10 pm train home, worrying about my babies who where in their cage with a heater blasting hot air on them. It has been so cold lately, that I thought it was worth he risk of killing them just to keep them alive. Tomoe had come by and turned the heater on two days ago while I was at work, and they survived that... there is no reason to think they could not survive it again.

Anyway, I left work at just past 10:00 getting home at 10:30, only to find that I had left my house key in the office. By the time I called, the only other person who was ther had gone home, and my office key was locked in the office with my house key.

Tomoe has a key, so I called her, but she lives 30+ minutes away. By the time I got home it was already 12:00. The birds had been in their oven for over 6 hours (I set the timer to go on when the sun went down).

Why do bad things happen to good people? Why did I forget my key? When I think of how happy the birds would have been to see me if I had gotten home only a few hours earlier...

* * *

I had hoped to get some programming done tonight, since I get very little work done at work, but somehow I'm not in the mood.

* * *

I took a look at my web access reports today. My average visits per day are almost doubles this month. This must have something to do with my site finally being picked up by Goolge. The web logs also show what search word people use to stumble across my site. Last month there were only two, "conan obrian harvard", and "single nudie women". This month has four already.

  1. "free blogging software" Tough luck for whoever that was... aint nothin' free here.

  2. "he is getting fatter" This is actually a line in my site, but I can't figure out why anyone would search for that combination...

  3. nishieifuku (that's where I live)

  4. parakeet death This one scares me a little

* * *

I generally don't like passing on the junk mail and other crap that a certain someone keeps sending me, but I liked this one. First check out this article, then check this out

Diluting the Nudie

Today's goal is to dilute the number of nudie-drawing-photos with something else. Of course, I have found that Guri and Awii are more in demand than I am and i have requests to put more photos of them on the site. I suppose I should be jealous, but I prefer to feel "nya nya" to the people who want to see more of them... I get to see them and have them crawl and crap on me every day.

I'm sure your thinking "Those photos are staged!" or "Those are edited with photoshop to make the birds look so frikin adorable!" Guess what. They're not. These are every day scenes of the birds abusing me.


* * *

Today was the biggest snowstorm in Tokyo in the three (four?) years I've been here. Nothing spectacular, but it seems like a big deal to Tokyo people. They where really talking it up on the radio when I woke up, just like they do those terrible typhoons, but when I looked outside I only saw about 5 centimeters.

Two interesting (and one idiotic) things to note about Japanese and snow is that they always use an umbrella, as you can see in the photos, and the way many shovel. In America many die from heart attacks while shoveling. Japanese have less area to shovel, so they are probably OK in that area, but they must have quite a few back injuries. I saw three people stopped over shoveling their drive with a dustpan! Not that it really needed shoveling. I have never seen a snow in Japan (Tokyo to Fukuoka) that stayed on the street more than 4 hours.

Sure enough, by the time I got to work, the streets where clear (no plows needed) but I still saw two idiots driving around with chains on their tires. I imagine they must have made an effort to get up early and get them on and get out on the streets before the snow melted.

At the train station, the conductor was handing out hall-passes for all the office workers to give to their boss, proof that they where held up because of the snow. It's strange since the train was on time... I rode the same train I always do, and arrived at the same time I always do. In my office everyone was late. One guy even lives within walking distance of the office! One was probably excusable because she has to take a bus for a long distance and the busses actually did stop. One lady showed up an hour late, and when we asked about the trains (to find out when the other would show up) she said they where running about 15 minutes late. ???

* * *

Friday was our company bounenkai (forget about the year party). Just a few pictures from that (without their permission or knowledge). You may recognize the little girl from the photo in Guri's cage. She is the president's daughter and took care of Guri twice while I was on vacation.

* * *

I finally found time to cut my hair after three months. Sometimes it looks like crap when I get done, so this time I tried to make my self feel better by taking before and after photos so I can see how much it improved no matter how it looks. I usually cut my hair myself since even though it looks like crap, so has every haircut I have ever been able to afford in Japan. Once I paid an arm and a leg (5,000 yen) to have a real pro cut it, but I can only afford to do that once every five years. Now I do it myself, and have found that no matter how i screw it up, it always seems to grow back.


Not much time to write. I have been working on the program in the hopes of getting it done a week earlier so we can get paid this month. One problem I have begun to notice... is that what I have been working on up until now is pretty far from what the client actually wants. I have been basing it off of what the guy who has contact with the client told me they wanted. Now that I finally get a meeting, I find what they really want. I wonder if he and I both spoke to the same person... As it turns out, they didn't even know that the system he told me they wanted could even do what he said they wanted it to do... and they could care less.

Not really a problem though, since I can still use what I have made as a strong base to start over with, but it makes me wonder what he has been selling to all the other companies he is meeting with. According to him, there is real interest in this product... but it's hard to tell now.

* * *

I have been listening to NPR as I work all day yesterday and today. I came across this interview on Fresh Air with a writer and editor of The Onion

jan cameron is reported to be new zealand's richest woman with an estimated wealth of $75 million

kevin cameron is the key or is in possession of the key to the application of quantum physics

kelly cameron is a partner in the washington dc office of powell

tim cameron is a perfect package

dave cameron is valued at £125

cameron family is doing it to me again

Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about jon southwell yet.

Puke & Profit

A client just signed off on one of my programs, and now I'm working like heck to get it done by the 15th so we can collect the initial large sum of money in January. I knew it was coming, for two months now, and have been trying to get it done, but I really can't go for more than an hour at a time without having to handle something else for some other client that is "urgent". If I can get that finished in less than ten minutes I don't loose much, but if it takes an hour, or worse yet, if I have to go to a meeting for three hours, I totally loose track of what I was doing and loose all train of thought.

I could have had this done in a month if there was someone to cover for me and handle some of the little things that always seem to pop up (or even help on the program), but as it is some of the people spend their time smoking and joking because even though they aren't busy, there is really no way they can cover for me (without me spending even more time coaching them). Right now there is only one other person who I would categorize as busy, and I really feel bad for him because he's the "contact" person with the clients and the sales guy. I hate to ask him to coordinate certain things with the client because he is trying to work on new sales, but the other people are all "production" (apparently) so they wont do a thing.

I don't feel too bad about the program taking so long though, I could have had it finished enough to satisfy this client, but I have been spending more time on it in the hopes that we can sell it as a package deal. If we could even sell one every four months it will be very very nice.

* * *

I spent Monday night puking. I'm not sure if it was a result of the "discount" sashimi I bought that night, or what, but it's interesting (to me at least) how I noticed that I was sick. For the past month I have been stressed about the deadline on this program, so every night I have my programming dreams where I am constantly editing the same page, and not mater how much I edit it, the bug never gets fixed. Monday night however, the "bug" was that I got sick. So every time I would push the button that I was trying to fix, I would feel sick in my dream. After while I woke up to realize I really was sick, and spent a good portion of the night after that puking.

The next day I skipped work (that was nice) and actually got more work done because I was able to do it form home without interruptions. I was a little disappointed though that I wasn't bed-ridden. It has been over two years now I think since I actually was too sick to stand for more than 10 minutes. It feels like crap at the time, but it is also an "extreme" feeling, so I was kind of hoping for it again. Plus, it's always good to be able to lay in bed all day and not feel guilty about it.

* * *

I have been watching "Gone With the Wind" every night this week before I fall asleep. What a great movie. I can't believe I have never seen it before. I'm not just saying that because it is a classic and it will make me seem all kultured 'n stuff. I actually had real doubts about it, but WOW! It really makes me want to pull out the old history books and check out what the south was really all about back then.

Last week I watched "Lawrence of Arabia" that was really great too, but it's greatness can be best judged by if it is something I would watch again just to force Tomoe to see it... Lawrence of Arabia... probably no. Gone with the Wind... as soon as her graduate thesis is done.

* * *

Because of the programming and the puking and some other business related stuff, I haven't had much time to paint, but every time I ride the train I practice by sketching some unsuspecting passenger. I was just doing it for practice, but it has become addictive. I'll post the drawings some time, but you may not find it as interesting as I do... I have never noticed so much about people. Of course my drawings are mostly biased toward the people who are sleeping or reading, since they tend to move less and there is less chance that they will notice I am staring at them, but still, it is pretty depressing what people are like on the train.

single nudie women

I am expecting to see a huge increase in traffic to my site. Some search engine somewhere has indexed my site with the word "nudie". In the access logs, I found one visit where the visitor found my site by searching for "single nudie women". I'm going to try to capitolize off of this. Maybe I can even sell some of my drawings.

Crap and the commandments

I saw the most amazing thing this weekend. Luckily I had my camera with my so I whipped it out to capture the moment, only to find that the disk was filled with photos I had taken back in October, but never downloaded to my disk... I couldn't really erase them since they where great shots of Awii taking a shower on my clean dishes again. So I didn't get the shot that would have probably made me famous, and no one will ever believe what it was, so I won't even tell you.

I know that if anyone is reading this they are sick of seeing the birds, but your out of luck. From looking at the All the photos of the bastishnet page that I have too many nudie drawings, and I have to balance it out with other photos or I'll look like a freak.

* * *

As I mentioned above, there are some new additions to the left side navigation. You can see a page with which is now a permanent member of the left side navigation, along with All the photos of the bastishnet, which will display thumbnails of all photos that are posted since I started, All the photos of the bastishnet (minus hash), which contains thumbnails of all the photos that are NOT hash related, and All the links of the bastishnet, which is a page that lists all the links that have ever been posted on the bastish net.

There are some problems of course, the biggest of which is not that the page looks like crap. The thumbnail pages are huge and heavy if you don't have my 12 megabyte ADSL connection (which is why I offer a non-hash page as well). The link page is very quick to download, but lots of luck trying to figure out where a lot of the links go to. I guess this gives me a good idea of how "usable" my site is. In theory, all the links should have some meta information that tells where it will take you if it is not evident by the text. This information would show up when you mouse over, and is valuable to people with sight disabilities who use voice browsers. Fixing this aspect has been on my list of to-dos for a long time. Maybe one of these days...

* * *

I set up a site for my sister to use if she wants to. Let's see what happens. It looks like crap now, but some day I will have a chance to spruce it up if she actually uses it and doesn't spruce it up herself.

* * *

Did anyone know that the word "crappy" was on the list of words that we shalt not use? I entered my personal information into the MLS alumni page (for the fourth time in as many years) and it finally got posted! When I looked though, it was edited! They had erased a portion that contained the childishly harmless word "crappy". I really have no problem with that... I don't claim to know more about the Bible than they do, and unlike some people there I have never read it in the original language, so it is only natural that I would have missed the part about not using the word "crappy", but I am a little ticked that they would just edit it and not tell me. It kind of changed the whole meaning of the entry. I was under the impression that they should either not post it, or else inform me that what I wrote was unacceptable, and that I can change it, use their edited version, or not post it.

When people look at it they will think that I wrote that. They will have no idea that it was mangled without my consent.

* * *

As I was writing this post, the birds where playing around the computer and crappi... (oops, I mean shiting) on my keyboard. I heard an echoing screetch and found guri stuck in the bottom of an empty pringles can. Lucky for her I was here. There were two instances int he past, when Guri used to be free at all times, that I would come home from work and after 10 minutes of frantic searching would find her stuck in the bottom of a little bamboo tube I use to collect loose change. I have no idea how long she was in there... it could have been hours.

Anyway, I took some pictures of her in the can, and in the end wound up getting some of the best pictures of Guri ever.