Hamadayama Sunset

The other day a dear reader rightfully suggested that I start posting photos according to some sort of unified theme or idea, rather than just posting a bunch of random photos.

Until now I had just been posting my favorite photos of the day, and since each day I was usually taking many photos that have nothing to do with a singular theme.

Recently (maybe more like off-and on) I have not had time to take photos and prepare them for the web every day. Suddenly I love this idea of using themes. Not only is it obviously more pleasing from a design point of view, but it also allows me to prepare photos once a week or so, and display a select few each day, without having to work on new photos each day! Why didn't I think of that.

at any rate, here are some more pictures I took a while back, that have been waiting to see the front page of the Bastish net.

Japanese Castle
Night in the City

The camera lens was a little dusty, which really stands out with the long shutter - something for me to think about next time I guess.


I can probably count the times I've eaten meat in the last five or six years on five people's fingers, but I eat fish almost every day. Tomoe used to eat more meat than I did, though not much, but we've decided to stop meat, and cut back on fish. We know the meat is up to no good with the environment, but we can't really be sure what the story is behind the fish we eat, so we figure it can't hurt to cut back.

In the mean time, we'll be eating beans! And lots of em! It doesn't sound so great, but Tomoe found a great place where we can buy good beans online and have them delivered to our door. We got a package Monday and I've been eating them non-stop ever since. They're quite awesome! Tomoe has made some great bean soups, and some nice sweat bean paste, but out of laziness, I've taken to eating them raw just as they are out of the bag. The Chick peas taste like peanuts, but without the fat and I don't feel like crap after eating a pound.

The soy-beans are good just fried up in a pan like you would popcorn, and this weekend we'll be mixing up some home-made natto. Something I've really wanted to try for a long time now. I love natto, but the styrofoam packaging that each hold two bites really pisses me off. I did manage to find a nice brand at my local supermarket that has the equivalent of three normal natto containers, all wrapped in a nice paper envelope, but I'm still eager to rot my own beans.

The birds seem to dig 'em as well.

More photos of beans

A Night of Dork-dom

Those blogger meet-ups, which I lovingly refer to as dork meetings, are getting even more dorkier. The number of gadgets apearing at these things is growing out-of control. Last night the big excitement was comparing the weight of two iPods in blind weight-tests.

You'll all be happy to know however that Steve was able to get his little computer -do-hicky connected to the internet via that antenna thing hanging on the wall of the Pink Cow.

Birds in heaven

The birds are in heaven now that Tomoe is living with them. She can usually stand their begging for attention long after I would have locked them in the cage. I'm pretty patient with them too... letting them out for most of the day. I don't know how much work Tomoe will be able to get done though with all the head-scracthing responsibility she has just taken on.

More photos of Awii and Klee

Walk in the park
Lincoln Park

I arrived back in Tokyo a couple hours ago. I haven't had my camera out yet, so you get more photos from Lincoln Park in Chicago. I realize though what a wonderful thing the camera is, and that I could not live without it in Tokyo. From the moment I stepped off the train in Nippori, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of detest for the city. If I didn't have a camera, which gives me a creative way to deal with this helish place, I don't know how much longer I could live here.

Lincoln Park Zoo III

More photos form the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago

Lincoln Park Zoo II
Lincoln Park Zoo
Sledding in Midland Michigan

The day after Christmas I went seldding in nearby Midlan Michigan with my uncle, cousin, sister, dad, brother, and sister-in-law.

More photos of sledding in Midland Michigan

Later that night, my brother, sister, sister-in-law and I all went out to the local brew-pub with a couple of friends, Jason, Sarah, and Sarah's sister Molly. I've been friends with Jason since first grade, and with his wife Sarah since fifth grade. We all went to school together right up until I left for Japan the first time in '95 (second year of university). Also in these pictures are Sarah's family.

More photos from the pub and after

Photos of Bay City Michigan

I've been in Chicago visiting my tie-wearing brother for the last few days, but I'm so backlogged with photos, you'll have to see more photos of Bay City Michigan.

More photos of Bay City MI