Concert in the Park

These guys rock. you can catch them in Inokashira park on some weekends. While I love that there are so many bands playing in the park all the time, this is the only band that ever made me stop and listen for more than five minutes. I felt sorry for the other bands hanging around that had no spectators while these guys had a huge crowd.

It's not picutred here, but they also have a wash-tub bass for some of their songs...

Reminds me my band back in Ann Arbor Michigan. "Flute Rock". I don't know if you can really call it a band, since we never practiced all together, but if we would of....

It was me on guitar, Beth, a manager at the Arbor Brewing Company (the brew-pub I waited tables at), playing her handcrafted flute from India, and Doug, the brewer, with his wash-tub bass. Of course doug was never able to make it to either of the two rehersals we had (snowy roads). It's a shame too. Beth could have gotten us a prime gig in the tap-room of the bar any Monday afternoon betwen 4 and 5:30 pm.

Am I a Macky?

So, I am wondering if I am an official Macky (as in a derogetory term for a mac-ophiliac, someone who has an un-natural love for their mac computer) now. Yesterday I made my first purchase from the the iTunes shop.

I don't buy music often, since if I don't have much time to really listen to it anyway, so when I do, you can bet it's good. The first time I heard 19 year-old Nellie McKay on NPR's All Songs Considered, I immediatly dropped what I was doing to search iTunes for the album, Get Away From Me (Amazon link).

I am always impressed with young artists, like Norah Jones, making great music, or even young artists that have potential to make good stuff in the future, such as Averial Levine, but while those two are obviously talented, and I like to listen to Norah Jones, what they lack is originality. Nellie McKay has it all... great music, great voice, great potential, and amazingly original. - although I was reminded a little about Edie Brickell in some of her songs.

You can check out two of her songs in full leangth on All Songs Considered. The difference in style between these two songs alone goes a long way to illustrate her originality and flexibility.

- Wont You Please Be Nice To Me? (second segment from the top)
- Sari (first segment of the show)

You can of course listen to snippets from all songs on the album at the iTunes shop, and if you don't have iTunes, you can hear snippets at her web-site, including my favorite Ding Dong

We've Gone Crazy!

For the past couple months, we have had too much junk in our apartment. The landlord is pushing us to get rid of the junk in the hallway, so we're giving it away! Yes, some people say "Are you crazy? How can you afford to give it away for such a low price?"

Yes, we've gone crazy! Only a crazy man would give a deal like this!
If anyone is inetersted, just get in touch with me at "kevin at kevincameron.net". I only ask that you pay the shipping. I live in Suginami-ku, Tokyo.


A beautiful washing machine that works perfectly. The junk shops here in Tokyo only buy used electronics that are 3 years old or younger, and there are no organizations that will even take it for free, so we've opened it up to the public.

More photos


A nice kotatsu table. We hardly ever used the electric stove on the bottom, so it's basically like new. The top is reversable, so you can have either white or black.

More photos


A massage chair. This baby is old, but still gives a good rub-down. This is the one we don't want to get rid of, but have no room left.

More photos

Pipe Walking
In A Corridor
At Home


Just seeing if Mfop still works.

Cabbage & Carrots
Red Flower, Blue sky

I liked this shot from the minute I took it. Just for the record, I didn't change anything to make the flower and leaf red. I don't know why it looked like that.

In other news, I have been busy this week with quite a few things, all having possible future implications, and today I found out that at least one of them was a success. Nailed a big sale today (though I think we went in too cheap), and I will be happily busy for the next few months. However, with the security from that job, I think I can start spending more time on taking pictures and other non-profitable projects without worrying if I will starve to death.

Angry at Work

Tomoe took some disturbing photos of how angry I look when I am hard at work. I wonder if this is why I have so many white hairs recently.

Then again, maybe we just have a really angry looking family

People in Tokyo
It's Still Autumn in Tokyo
Playground Equipment
Red Fruit
X-Country Skiing

Two photos from a long time ago. I haven't had time lately to sort through recent photos, so I'll show you these from my trip home to Bay City this Christmas.

More previously unpublished photos from home

Awii, Saving the World

I woke up this morning and took a look at Dave Pollard's How to Save the World, one of the only blogs I read daily -and actually refresh during the day to see if he happened to be pulling an all-nighter in Canada and posted anything new since I checked in the morning. There, staring me in the face was none other than Awii! First, thanks to Dave for putting Awii in such a prominent place.

As a matter of fact, Awii has been getting to be quite the celebrity. Earlier this year Rudolf snagged a shot of Awii for his Tawawa banner. (you may have to refresh a few times because his banner shows random images).

And of course, you know who the number one Awii on Google is.

And to think, I thought that everyone was sick of seeing the birds. In fact, maybe Awii should start his own site. Unfortunately Awii.com is taken.

At any rate, after receiving such a good write-up on Dave's site, the pressure's on, so I was out with my camera today looking for something worthy of the praise... we'll see if I succeeded later this week.

Some Birds are Smarter Than Others

I've begun to have more time to catch up on my daily web-reading lately, thanks in part to practicing speed-reading since December. In the first few weeks, I raised my reading rate from an embarrassing 180 words per minute to over 600 wpm for medium difficulty content. Content I am not so familiar with still hovers around 400 wpm.

I should be much faster by now, but I haven't been so diligent with my daily practice. According to the program I've been following, if I practice (do the reading drills) two hours a day for six weeks, I will be at 2000 wpm. Unfortunately, I haven't even gotten through half of the speed reading book, let alone have two hours every day to do drills. The most I seem to find time for is to read for an hour or so just to keep my current level.

The first two weeks, I was at home and had more time to practice. It felt like some kind of super power I had suddenly developed, and I was reading everything I could get my hands on. It was a great feeling to finish two books on the airplane on the way home and still have time for a movie and nap.

Anyway, I've been using my new super power to read other people's web-sites again, again and saw this BBC story about a Grey Parrot

Via: The (Eco)logical weblog.

The bird, a captive African grey called N'kisi, has a vocabulary of 950 words, and shows signs of a sense of humour.

He invents his own words and phrases if he is confronted with novel ideas with which his existing repertoire cannot cope - just as a human child would do.


He uses words in context, with past, present and future tenses, and is often inventive.

One N'kisi-ism was "flied" for "flew", and another "pretty smell medicine" to describe the aromatherapy oils used by his owner, an artist based in New York.

When he first met Dr Jane Goodall, the renowned chimpanzee expert, after seeing her in a picture with apes, N'kisi said: "Got a chimp?"

He appears to fancy himself as a humourist. When another parrot hung upside down from its perch, he commented: "You got to put this bird on the camera."

I have seen mentions of this here and there, but never stopped to read it until today, and I'm glad I did. I'm going to be expecting much more out of Awii and Klee from now on. I'm not going to tolerate Klee biting my ear, chewing on cables, and pooping on the floor anymore.

And although I used to think Awii was smart because he could say his name... I guess I was setting my expectations too low and he was taking advantage of it. Slacker. From today, he has to learn a word-a-week if he wants to keep his sunflower seed privileges.

Tokyo Tropic
Night Walk
Construction Workers